Need help?

You can invite us onto your screen for online assistance, you can show us what you’re having trouble with , and we can show you the solution!  We offer two forms of online support, a newer, preferred method based on TeamViewer,  and and older one based on SC-VNC.


Preferred Option: Helpdesk Programs using Teamviewer

The new Teamviewer method is the preferred means of offering you online support; it  requires no firewall configuration and offers better compatibility with newer technologies such as Windows 7 “Aero” desktop enhancements.

For detailed information about these programs please refer to the Teamviewer website, and in particular for security information regarding the product refer to their security page.

Download the appropriate Helpdesk variant using the buttons below:


Legacy Option: ContactKinetic Program using SC-VNC

We would like to be able to provide support to the Primecut computers and cutting machines by way of SC-VNC, whereby the operator can invite us onto his screen when he needs help.  For this to work, it is usually sufficient simply to setup a gateway to give the machine internet access (you can also disable internet explorer if you wish through the program access settings to prevent web browsing at the machine).

The SC-VNC program uses outgoing ports which are normally open by default on most firewalls; sometimes they must be opened manually however.  The ports are 7110, 7120, 7130, 7140, 7150, 7160 and 7170.  We use different ports to route to different people here.  As these are outgoing ports they are usually open by default. The connection is encrypted for security.

The SC-VNC program is already installed on the machine, and can be accessed directly from inside Touchcut6, or Primecut,  by pressing ctrl-H at any time.  With it we can check machine settings, direct the operator when he gets lost or needs help, and update touchcut6 directly to the machine.  We only have access to the machine when we are invited on, and the sc-vnc program is set to go directly to the IP Address resolved by our DNS name to minimize security risk.

More information about SC-VNC can be found at

Download ContactKinetic