TouchCut and TouchMill

Kinetic develops its own machine controllers for its multifunction cutting tables, and for its large format milling machines.  These use modern touch-driven graphical interfaces which users enjoy and can learn far more quickly than conventional text and button based interfaces.

PrimeCut3 and PrimeCutNE

Kinetic develops and maintains two editions of its nesting software: PrimeCut 3 which is a desktop edition focussed on putting parts on plates, suitable for environments with one or two programmers, and PrimeCut NE (Network Edition) for larger multi-user environments where many people may be using the software at once. Primecut NE also extends its functionality to workflow management, plate inventory, historical recording of parts and plates cut and management reporting.


The following are common to both editions:

Drawing Features

  • Built in CAD drawing program
  • DWG and DXF Import of versions through to Autocad 2011
  • Built in 2D Shapes library
  • Signwriting text
  • Built in 3D developments library
  • Notch/Chamfer/Fillet editors
  • Advanced Smoothing and Entity reduction
  • Drawing cleanup features
  • Seam Wizard for development joints
  • “Jigsaw” breakup of large parts to fit smaller plates
  • New DSTV and Fabtrol support (NE edition Only)
  • New Solid Model import (NE Edition only)

Nesting Features

  • Fast Auto Nesting, with multi-plate support
  • Graphical part preview on DXF import
  • Full grain control,
  • Nesting gap maintenance
  • Drag-and-drop bump-nesting
  • Force-Fit Nesting
  • Draggable Arrays
  • Staggered Arrays
  • Array Cell Rotation with Auto Cell Respacing
  • Part clustering
  • Automatic Plate Cropping
  • Strikethrough Bridge
  • Spine Bridge Cutting
  • Stitch Cutting for leaving parts in the plate
  • Process Cut and Paste

General Features

  • Remnant plate library
  • Quick part estimation
  • NC Preview, with path animation
  • Powerful sequencing editor
  • Context sensitive online Help.
  • User configurable reports
  • Part-by-Part, Global and Zoned Sequencing
  • Mousewheel support (pan and zoom)
  • Plate Stripping Wizard
  • New Auto Plate Labelling

Processing Features

  • Automated Processing
    (tool allocation, ordering, leadin-placement)
  • Multiple controller/machine support
  • User configurable postprocessor
  • New Advanced multi-process hole treatments
  • Drill Piercing
  • High Speed Spindle Support with tool changer
  • Bevel Support: simple and advanced, transition bevels, compound and K-bevels
  • Multi-torch support
  • Multi-carriage support (auto spacing)
  • Milling Support
  • New Hypertherm True Hole Support
  • New SmartSlot for slot milling
  • New Automatic cutting process selection based on material and thickness for HPR plasmas