Kinetic K2000 Machine

Production Cutting MachinesKinetic K2000

Machine shown with 3.2m x 12.4m (10’8” x 40’6”) cutting area fitted with: Hypertherm HD4070. Space for 3 more tools on the carriage

Production Cutting MachinesKinetic K2000


Downdraft table machine particularly suited to precision plasma cutting of gauge material to 1” plate. Machine has integral cutting table and traveling fume extraction hood. Four configurable stations on main torch carriage.

Available widths from 2.0m to 3.2m (6’8” to 10’8”)
Available lengths from 6.3m to 20m (20’8” to 65’)

Options include: Multiple torch stations, Hydefinition Plasma Systems, 7 HP Six Station Turret, Marking Systems, Flame Cutting



  • Integrated machine rails with downdraft table
  • Traveling extraction bin for optimum fume extraction and dross collection
  • PC Controlled with touch screen
  • Dual drive on long axis
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Linear bearings on all axes
  • Four lifter carriage standard
  • Rack and pinion drives
  • Fiber optic or wireless link to office network
  • Programmable ball screw drives for vertical axes


  • Precision Hypertherm plasma torches:
    • HPR260XD
    • HPR130XD
  • Oxy fuel cutting
  • 6 Station drill turret
  • Marking systems such as ink jet, plasma marking or powder marking