Hypertherm Plasma Systems

plasma-torchKinetic machines incorporate the latest in plasma cutting from Hypertherm. With full automation of plasma settings, the Kinetic controller is unrivaled in the ease of use and plasma cut quality.

Choose from the following Hypertherm systems:

  • HPR130XD
  • HPR260XD
  • HPR400XD
  • HPR800XD

Kinetic uses the following Plasma systems.

Hypertherm precision plasma applications
HPR130, HPR260 with manual or automatic gas console
Hypertherm plasma technology for cut speed and economy
HT2000, HT4400
Other plasma options available on request

Features included with the Kinetic Plasma

  • Automatic setting of voltage and current
  • Automatic pierce height setting
  • Voltage height control during cutting
  • Initial plate height sensing
  • Water muffler (optional when applicable)
  • Automated setting of plasma gases (optional where applicable)