We manufacture a range of machines to do any or all of the above!

Kinetic Cutting Systems Inc, manufacturers a variety of precision CNC plasma and flame (oxyfuel) cutting machinery and multi process machines that combine machining operations like drilling and tapping with cutting operations.

These machines range from the K5000 with a Cat50 Spindle that combines with the latest plasma cutting systems with cutting widths to 30′(9m) wide, right down to our smaller plasma cutting machines which are suitable for small applications like HVAC plasma machines machines.

Kinetic also manufactures abrasive water jet cutting machines, pipe cutting attachments for up to 3′ diameter pipe.

PrimeCut programming software for all plate cutting operations from small factories with one programmer to multi user systems are also provided by Kinetic.

NEW Chip and coolant Extraction

Kinetic is unique in being able to offer high pressure through coolant spindle drilling and machining on a dry table, combining fume extraction when burning with chip extraction and coolant recycling when drilling and machining. The clip below shows the chip extraction and coolant recycling in action.

(A higher resolution version can be found here)

Chip and coolant extraction